The 8th graders in Documentary class have been creating videos for the Fuel the Future Video Contest. Each year, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) awards $2,000 in prize money, including $1,000 grand prize, to the Iowa students who create the best video encouraging motorists to choose cleaner-burning, homegrown renewable fuels, like E15 and biodiesel. […]

Entrepreneurs, Managers, Builders

Today, in Intro. to Business, students learned how it feels to try to communicate a great idea developed by an entrepreneur to builders of the great idea by following only the directions of the go-between, the manager. It was frustrating at times, but fun! They will try, over the weekend, to look at regular, every […]

Week 3

It is hard to believe we are ending week 3 already!! Midterm is the end of next week! Please make sure you are checking JMC to be sure you do not have any missing work or poor scores! Talk to your teachers (you can email them too) about your grade and what you can do […]