End of the Quarter

Friday, October 21, 2015 is the last day of the quarter. Please be sure to check JMC to make sure EVERYTHING is turned in for this quarter. The Web Apps & Coding class is currently using different online apps to create infographics for our school district. Here is one example: 

Rockwell, Homecoming, & The Cubs!!

Wow! It’s finally fun to be a Cubs fan! I haven’t been able to say that in a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG time! Anyway, this has been an exciting and event-filled week! Homecoming week is always a fun and interesting time of the year!! 🙂 Along with Homecoming, I was able to take the 8th Grade Documentary class […]

Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking

Design Thinking is using empathy to help solve problems and come up with alternatives for various decisions. Introduction to Business class used the Design Thinking process to help discover possible business ideas for our community. Students were asked to partner up and try to think about their partners business idea in order to help them […]