Smart Tips for beauty that lasts

Reduce soil accumulation
If you don't want dirt being tracked on the carpet use doormats at all entrances. You may want to relocate furniture periodically to allow for an even distribution of traffic and wear on the carpet. If carpet is not wall-to-wall, rotate it occasionally to reduce wear.
Vacuum Regularly
Regular vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning are recommended to keep your carpet looking beautiful and are required to validate Texture Retention warranties. Most dirt, even dust, is in the form of hard particles. When left in the carpet, these gritty,sharp particles abrade the pile as effectively as sandpaper. Regular and thorough vacuuming will remove them.
How frequently should you vacuum?
Light traffic areas: Vacuum twice weekly in traffic lanes. Vacuum the entire area once a week.
Medium to heavy traffic areas: Vacuum traffic lanes once daily. Vacuum the entire area twice weekly.
Remove Spills Immediately
Anything spilled on a carpet should be cleaned up promptly. Almost all spilled materials will stain or discolor the carpet or increase soiling if left unattended.
Caution: Some household cleaners may "spot" your carpet. The only way to protect the carpet is to take special precautions to prevent contact with these chemicals. Here are a few of the common culprits:

*HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS such as Tile, toilet bowl, drain and oven cleaners contain strong acid or alkalies
*BLEACHES such as Chlorine bleaches, mildew cleaners, and swimming pool chemicals
*DMSO are commonly used for pain relief in medicines for arthritis