Day 23 (A)


  1. Open your textbook to page 85 and complete Problem 2-2A–Click this link to the spreadsheet needed to complete the problem.
    1. Click DOWNLOAD in the upper right corner.
    2. Click the file in the lower left corner of your screen to open it
    3. Click Enable Editing
    4. File–Save As–Save it as YOUR NAME PROBLEM 2-2A (ex: SUE JONES PROBLEM 2-2A) to your Accounting folder
    5. When you are finished with Problem 2-2A–RAISE YOUR HAND TO SHOW ME or zoom out until the entire spreadsheet is visable, take a screenshot, compose a new email to me, paste the screenshot into the email (ctrl V) or send the file to me as an email attachment
  2. Turn in your textbook to page 90 and do Problem 2-2B–Get the handout from your teacher–do #1-4 on the BLANK side of the handout and do #5, the Trial Balance on the Problem 2-2B (Concluded) form side of the handout–Turn it in when it is finished.
  3. In an email message to me, explain why it is important for an accountant to prepare a trial balance.