Day 55 (A)


  • Browse to and enter this code: gzr9675 then take the Accounting Chapter 4 Learning Objective 3 Quiz. Let me know how it goes.

GOAL: Before you leave class today you will be able to:

  • Journalize and post the adjusting entries


  1. Open your textbook to pages 161-164 & listen to this video about journalizing adjusting entries.–OPEN THE PRACTICE WORKSHEET FROM LAST OBJECTIVE–YOU NEED IT TO DO WHAT THE VIDEO IS SHOWING–SHOW ME WHEN IT IS COMPLETED
  2. Log in to your Cengage Now account
  3. Click STUDY TOOLS
  5. Click to RESUME Chapter 4: Adjusting Entries and the Work Sheet
  6. In the 4. Journalize and post the adjusting entries click GET MORE HELP
    1. READ: eBook – 4.4: Journalizing Adjusting Entries
    2. WATCH: Show Me How: Journalize and post the adjusting entries.
    3. DO: Practice!
    4. SHOW ME
  7. Click ASSIGNMENTS & do the Chapter 4 Learning Objective 4 Assignment
  8. DOWNLOAD THIS FILE and use it to complete Problem 4-2A on page 184–SHOW ME WHEN IT IS DONE
  9. In an email message to me, explain why adjusting entries need to be journalized and posted.