A couple FYI’s in the World According to Mrs. Weber (I am putting this here because I do not want to start class on a negative note and I don’t feel comfortable saying this out loud; however, these things DO bother me significantly, not only in my classroom, but during assemblies and meetings and basically, anywhere):

  1. I think it is rude to talk when someone else is talking–your classmates, your teacher, anyone. It is like saying “I am going to talk and not listen to you because I don’t really care what you have to say.”
  2. I also think being on your phone when there are things going on around you that you should be paying attention to is rude. It is like saying “My phone is WAY more important than anything happening right now.” Going without your phone is HEALTHY! TRY IT!! I am trying too!!


All the Queen’s Horses

  1. Complete the Team Work Form for you and for all of your teammates–this is anonymous–only Mrs. Weber will know what you put in this form
  2. Complete the Citizenship/Employability Form FOR YOU! Be honest in your self-evaluation!
  3. FYI: Mrs. Weber will be calling your home at some point during this grading period. Please make it be a GOOD & POSITIVE exchange with your parents/guardians. 🙂