A Snapshot of Microsoft Office Specialist Success

Pulaski County High School (PCHS) in Kentucky just began offering MOS certification this year, but they are already inspiring students and finding success.

Sydney, a sophomore at PCHS, said, “The first time I took the test I failed and cried. I have never failed anything before and this material has really challenged me. Yesterday, I retook the test and passed! I was relieved and at the same time it was fun to see my certificate go up on the wall.  What Dr. Crowhurst has taught me is that the key is persistence.  He also showed me that my ‘failure’ was a way to find out what I know and what I need to fix.”

Did you know that you may be eligible for college credit by passing a Microsoft Certification Exam? See Mrs. Weber for details.

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Spreadsheet Applications

Computer Applications

Database Design & Applications

Business Communications

Future Business Leader

Local Chapter Annual Business Report


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How Can I Use Computer Software To Solve Problems And Teach Others?

Let’s go on the job! That is the focus of this class. Students will plan and create spreadsheets, databases, presentations, and word processing documents using Microsoft Office 2013. They will be expected to integrate and allow for data transfer among Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. This is an advanced course in microcomputer software applications. It is required that students complete Business Computer Applications I and II before taking this course. Successful completion of this course could gain students college credit at Kirkwood, Clinton Community College (CSC: 110—Introduction to Computers—3 credit hours), and NICC.  It is the goal for the course for students to be able to pass the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam at the completion of the course.

Student comments about the class:

  • “I like that we can see our own grades anytime because you know what you have to do to get the grade you want. I also like that we can work at our own pace so things don’t drag on for you if you get it and others don’t.”
  • “I like how we get to use a lot of tools in Word such as clipart, memos, mail merge, and so on. Another thing I like is the time and help we get to do our assignments.”
  • “This class is really fun and I like it a lot.”
  • “It is improving how I work in Word and I am learning new things daily. It is showing in other classes that I am in a computer class. I like all of the opportunities given to us to improve our grades.”
  • “It is very helpful. I really learned a lot.”
  • “You learn things in the computer field and you need these skills.”

By the completion of this course students should be able to sit for any MOUS certification test and pass at the Expert level.

If a student passes this class with a B or better, the student may be granted credit at an area community college.

  • Kirkwood–if all competencies are met, the student could be awarded credit for Computer Business Applications (OF136U—3 credit hours).
  • Clinton Community College–Students WILL receive college credit at Clinton Community College for this class.
  • NICC–Articulation agreement.

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  • January 19, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    I hope my child learns a lot about Advanced Computer Applications, and that what she learns will help her in every other class she takes in the future!


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