GOAL: Before you leave today you will know how to use the IF function, PMT function, create & use range names, write formulas using dates & date functions, use statistical functions, and create absolute cell addressing.

Excel Section 3

PLEASE get the video on 1/2 of your screen and Excel on the other 1/2. Work with the video and follow along in your book!!

  1. Activity 3.1: Video
    1. ABSOLUTE CELL REFERENCING is extremely important to understand!! Please ask if you need further instruction!
  2. Activity 3.2: Video
    1. ALWAYS check to be sure the correct cell range is selected before entering the function!
  3. Activity 3.3: Video
    1. The more functions you know, the more flexible your worksheets will be. If you do not understand how the functions work, please ask for clarification!!
  4. Activity 3.4: Video
    1. YOUR WRITING FOR TODAY:In a shared with me ( Word Online Document, explain how to use the PMT function and why it is useful to know.
  5. Activity 3.5: Video
    1. Include in the Word Online Document why creating and using Range Names is useful to know.
  6. Activity 3.6: Video
    1. Include in the shared Word Online Document, how to use the IF function and why it is useful to know.
  7. With 5 minutes remaining in class, send me an email message describing what you accomplished today and what you learned in activities 3.1 to 3.6 that is going to be useful to know.