GOAL: Before you leave today you will know when, how, and why to use charts in Excel. You will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge by writing about the charts as you progress through the lesson.

  • Activity 3. 7: Video
    1. Charts are an EXCELLENT way of visually representing the numbers in your spreadsheet and they make it easier for people to interpret your data.
  • Activity 3.8: Video
    1. In a shared with me (tracy_weber@hotmail.com) Word Online Document, explain the difference between a column chart and a pie chart other than they look different…….WHY?
  • Activity 3.9: Video
    1. In the shared Word Online Document created above, explain why someone would choose to use a line chart.
  • Activity 3.10: Video
  • Activity 3.11: Video
  • Activity 3.12: Video