Day 26 (Adv Apps)

Excel Module 3–Performing Calculations with Formulas and Functions

At the end of this module you will know about how to:

  1. Document formulas and data values
  2. Explore function syntax
  3. Insert functions from the Formula Library
  4. Perform a what-if analysis
  5. AutoFill series and formulas
  6. Use relative and absolute cell references
  7. Use the Quick Analysis tool
  8. Work with dates and Date functions
  9. Find value with Lookup functions
  10. Work the Logical functions


  1. Review Assignment pages EX181 to EX182: Print as instructed
  2. Case Problem 1 pages EX182 to EX183: Print as instructed
  3. Case Problem 2 pages EX183 to EX184: Print as instructed
  4. EXTRA CREDIT–Case Problems 3 & 4 pages EX184 to EX186: Print as instructed