YOU HAVE TODAY TO FINISH THIS. QUIZ Scenario: You are a manager for the Iowa Hawkeyes. You need to keep track of the following statistics for at least 5 members of the team:
  1. rebounds
  2. field goal attempts
  3. field goals made
  4. free throw attempts
  5. free throws made
In addition you need to make the following calculations:
  1. For each player:
    1. free throw percentage made
    2. field goal percentage made
    3. total rebounds
    4. Include a formula that calculates each player’s money earned–they earn $2.50 for each free throw made.
  2. For the team:
    1. total free throws made
    2. average free throw percentage
    3. average field goal percentage
Also, please do the following formatting:
  1. Round all percentages to 1 decimal place
  2. Merge and center a title over spreadsheet
  3. Use conditional formatting to highlight players with a percentage greater than 80% & a percentage lower than 70%
  4. Use special borders, shading, and font colors to set off important aspects of the spreadsheet
  5. Rotate contents in at least 1 cell
  6. Format all dollars