Day 53 (Adv Apps)

Opening a Presentation and Saving It with a New Name

  1. Read and do pages PPT34 to PPT35 while watching and doing this video
  2. Quick Quiz:
    1. Why would you want to save a presentation with a new name?

Changing the Theme and the Theme Variant

  1. Read and do pages PPT35 to PPT38 while watching and doing this video
  2. Be sure you know how to:
    1. Change a theme to a PowerPoint presentation
    2. Change the theme variant
  3. PowerPoint provides several ready-made themes and that these themes should be chosen based on the content and the intended audience.
  4. Remember that when you first open PowerPoint the default Office theme is applied, but you can change its properties, including background color, title text, body text, accents, and font styles.
  5. Quick Quiz:
    1. A(n) _________ is a coordinated set of colors, fonts, backgrounds, and effects.
    2. True/False: Some themes include graphics as part of the slide background.
    3. A theme and its variants are called a(n) _________________.

Working with Photos

  1. Read and do pages PPT38 to PPT44 while watching and doing this video
  2. Be sure you understand the available compression settings. Refer to Figure 1-31.
  3. Quick Quiz:
  4. Photos that will be uploaded to the Internet should be compressed to_____ ppi.
  5. True/False: The Compress Pictures button is on the PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT tab.
  6. True/False: You can change the compression settings for each individual photo you insert but you cannot change the settings for all photos in the presentation.

Resizing and Moving Objects

  1. Read and do pages PPT44 to PPT48 while watching and doing this video
  2. Make sure you understand that you should lock the aspect ratio for most photos you are resizing.
  3. Quick Quiz:
  4. The dashed red lines that appear as you drag an object, which indicate the center and top and bottom borders of an object, are called __________.
  5. _________ handles are the small squares that appear in the corners and in the middle of the sides of the border of a selected object.