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How Can I Learn Computer Software Now To Help Me Adapt To School and On-The-Job Situations In The Future?

College Credit Course–2 College Credits

A course designed for the student with minimal keyboarding experience. The major objectives are to develop touch control of the keyboard with speed and accuracy through proper keyboarding techniques and to learn proper formatting of letters, reports, memorandums, documents using footnotes and endnotes, headers and footers, and other special reports. Introduction to Business Computer Applications I is where students use Microsoft Office 2016 to learn the following:

  • Demonstrate skill in the operation of the keyboard by the touch system.
  • Demonstrate improved levels of both speed and accuracy in keyboarding skills.
  • Develop speed and accuracy in both timings and production rates.
  • Apply word division guidelines correctly, as well as use punctuation, abbreviations, capitalization, and numbers appropriately.
  • Demonstrate correct formatting of business letters, tables, memorandums, and reports using footnotes and endnotes, headers and footers, and other special reports.
  • Demonstrate skill in proofreading and editing.

Here is what some students comments are about the class:

  • “You learn a lot of things you actually use.”
  • “Two things I like about this class is that it teaches you to type better and things like learning how to format reports in Microsoft Word may help me in the future when I go to get a job.”
  • “I learn a lot in this class.”
  • “I learned to type faster and more accurate. Good skill to have in life.”
  • “I think the class is really fun and understandable.”

Course Timeline

1-8Lessons 21-25: Orientation to Word Processing & E-Mail Messages
9-18Lessons 26-30: Business Letters, Business Letters With Enclosure Notations, Envelopes & Labels, Memos and E-Mail With Attachments, Correspondence Review
19-28Lessons 31-35: One-Page Business Reports, Multipage Business Reports, Rough-Draft Business Reports With Lists, Multipage Academic Reports With Lists, More Rough-Draft Reports
29-36Lessons 36-40: Boxed Tables, Open Tables, Open Tables With Column Headings, Ruled Tables With Number Columns, Formatting Review
41-50Lessons 41-45: Personal Titles and Complimentary Closings in Letters, Personal-Business Letters, Memos and E-Mail With Lists, Letters With Indented Displays and Copy Notations and E-Mail With Copies, Letters in Modified-Block Style
51-60Lessons 46-50: Left-Bound Business Reports With Indented Displays and Footnotes, Reports in APA Style, Reports in MLA Style, Report Citations, Preliminary Report Pages
61-70Lessons 51-55: Resumes, Letters of Application, Interview Communications, Follow-Up Letters, Integrated Employment Project
Lessons 56-60: In-Basket Review--Insurance, In-Basket Review--Hospitality, In-Basket Review--Retail, In-Basket Review--Nonprofit, In-Basket Review--Manufacturing

Daily Lesson Plans

Timings/Assignments Grading Scale

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