Day 43 (ADM122)

Lesson 50–Preliminary Report Pages


  • Type at least 38 wpm with 3 errors or less for 3 minutes
  • Correctly format a title page and a table of contents.
  • Correctly use Word’s tab set and dot leaders features.
  • Successfully complete a Progress and Proofreading Check with zero errors on the first scored attempt.


  1. WATCH THIS VIDEO while you READ Drills E-F & Using the SMALL STUDENT MANUAL do Drill G–Read and do pages 101-103
  2. TEXTBOOK do 50-22, 50-23, 50-24, & 50-25 under DOCUMENT PROCESSING on pages 188-190
  3. TEXTBOOK & KDP SOFTWARE: Drills A-D on pages 185-186

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