Day 65 (ADM122)

Remember to register for the following classes next semester:

  • Web Apps & Coding–Google Suite, online tools/apps, coding for games
  • Advanced Computer Applications–college credit
  • Multimedia Marketing–Marketing basics, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, animations…….
  • Web Design (take Multimedia Marketing first)–college credit
  • Intro to Business (21st Century Business I)–Basic business concepts & how to own your own business
  • Personal Finance (21st Century Business II)–Investing, Banking, Stocks, Bonds, etc.–all through an online simulation
  • Accounting–college credit

Lesson 60–In-Basket Review–Manufacturing


  • Type at least 40 wpm with 5 errors or less for 5 minutes
  • Correctly format a business letter, an open table, an e-mail message, and a memo.
  • Successfully complete a Progress and Proofreading Check with zero errors on the first scored attempt.


  1. TEXTBOOK pages 226-228 do:
    1. 60-50–Business Letter in BLOCK Style
    2. 60-22–Open Table
    3. 60-51–E-Mail
    4. 60-52–Memo
  2. TEXTBOOK & KDP SOFTWARE: Drills A-D on pages 225-226

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