A couple FYI’s in the World According to Mrs. Weber (I am putting this here because I do not want to start class on a negative note and I don’t feel comfortable saying this out loud; however, these things DO bother me significantly, not only in my classroom, but during assemblies and meetings and basically, anywhere):

  1. I think it is rude to talk when someone else is talking–your classmates, your teacher, anyone. It is like saying “I am going to talk and not listen to you because I don’t really care what you have to say.”
  2. I also think being on your phone when there are things going on around you that you should be paying attention to is rude. It is like saying “My phone is WAY more important than anything happening right now.” Going without your phone is HEALTHY! TRY IT!! I am trying too!!


Lesson 23–Orientation to Word Processing


  • Demonstrate improved speed and accuracy while typing.
  • Demonstrate acceptable proofreading skills by comparing lines.
  • Correctly use basic Word features.


  1. TEXTBOOK & KDP SOFTWARE: Drills A-H on pagesĀ 79-80–get as much done as you can during the first 10 minutes of class
  2. WATCH THIS VIDEO as you do: Drill I on page 80–use the smaller book–read pages 18-23–DO (if time permits) the gray shaded areas
  3. Take timings to practice–use good technique–eyes on screen or book–take your time–speed will come when you have good technique–work hard at this every day and you will be typing 40 minutes by the end of the course (most likely sooner than that)!!

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