Day 1 (WC)



In this class, almost daily, you will be required to improve your employability skills–getting along with others, working as a team, asking classmates for help, helping your classmates, etc. In addition, it is EXPECTED that you show INITIATIVE–that means coming in to class, logging in, going to the lesson plan, and getting started WITHOUT being told to do so–this is a HUGE employability/life skill–do it EVERYDAY in this class!! Also, you will be expected every class to follow written and verbal instructions by reading and following all of the instructions in the lesson plan AND watching/doing the videos that may accompany the day’s lesson.

Let’s work together to make the class AWESOME!!

GOAL: By the end of class today you will know all about this course and the expectations for the course.

  1. Supplies for the class: EARBUDS!!! Everyday!! Get them out if you have them today. If you do not have them today, use your Chromebook or phone to watch and listen and do the videos for today.
  2. Listen & watch this video on your Chromebook, but actually DO what I am doing in the video on the computer you are sitting at in my classroom: Watch AND DO this video on how to login to your existing Office 365 account.
    1. We will use Office 365 in this class instead of Google Drive.
    2. GET YOUR PASSWORD HANDOUT FROM YOUR TEACHER when you are prompted to enter your Office 365 password.
  3. Watch this: What is Stopping You?
    1. What are your goals for this school year? What is stopping you from achieving them? What can you do to eliminate the blockades?
    2. Create a new Word Online file and share it with me: by following the directions in this video.
  4. Watch this Introduction video clip created by Mrs. Weber to welcome you to her class. You will also learn about the expectations for your class.
  5. Please read the instructions on this form and fill it out as completely and honestly as you are able!!
  6. Watch this video about FBLA–please consider joining! Fill out the Sign Up Form and get $15 to Mrs. Weber and you’re in!!!
  7. EXTRA CREDIT: Show your parents this lesson plan and have them visit these parts of my website:
    1. Parent Info.–This page contains a letter from me to parents discussing my classes, in general, and FBLA.
    2. Web Apps & Coding Class Web Page.–this page has all the links for the daily lesson plans you will complete & it also has a brief description of the class and a link to how you will be graded and the rules for the class.
    3. Web Apps & Coding Student Page of Fame–this page is full of past projects from students in this class.
    4. Ask them to fill out the form on the Parent Info. page or the Comments section at the bottom of the Web Apps & Coding page or the bottom of the home page of my website. Ask them to tell me what they expect you to learn in this class this quarter. Also, please have them offer any suggestions or ask any questions they may have!! THANKS!!!

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