TEST DAY–Group up! You cannot move on until EVERYONE in your group is finished with an activity!


Students will be able to…
* Define a problem in their own words and plan out a solution to the problem
* Break a large problem down into smaller pieces and solve each of the pieces, then use these solutions as building blocks to solve the larger problem
* Utilize the proper control structures to create general solutions that solve multiple Karel worlds
* Write clear and readable code using control structures, functions, decomposition, and comments


These are all the activities included in the lesson.


2.1.1 Fetch

Challenge SHOW ME

2.1.2 Racing Karel

Challenge SHOW ME

2.1.3 Tower Builder

Challenge SHOW ME

2.1.4 Super Cleanup Karel

Challenge SHOW ME

2.1.5 Double Tennis Balls

Challenge SHOW ME

2.1.6 Karel Unit Test


2.1.7 Karel Challenges Badge


Open the Google Doc for this class. In your own words at the TOP of the Doc, explain what you learned today and how it can help you write programs.

SANDBOX–create a new programs that uses at least one WHILE LOOP and IF ELSE statement.  Include at least 2 of your own functions. Show me.

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