Day 14 (WC)


  1. Get with your partner & do only STEP 6 today.
  2. STEP 6: Input, Output, Store, Process: In this step you design the way you app will actually work to process data.
    1. First you will draw and then describe the outputs of your apps. On the left side you can make a rough sketch of what your app would look like. This does not need to be a final draft and is just there to help you brainstorm ideas and communicate to another group how your app would look. On the right side you have space to label what each individual piece of information on the screen does.
    2. Using the outputs that you have selected as a guide, you should pick the inputs you’ll need to create them. Only 6 spaces are provided though you could opt to choose more. This is somewhat intentional to help you scope the functionality of your app.
    3. You will describe the way your app processes data using as a model the way you would process it yourself. The goal here is primarily just to ensure you have selected inputs that could be processed to produce the outputs. For example, if you’re finding a list of friends with a birthday this month then both a computer and human would need to know a list of friends’ birthdays and the current month.
    4. Lastly you are asked to decide what information, if any, it makes sense to store long term.
  3. STEP 7: Peer Review: Each group should trade their project guides with another. They should fill out the first line of the peer review which asks what specific part of their project they’d like feedback on. Afterwards there are a number of directed questions as well as a chance to provide more open-ended feedback on the idea.
    1. Students should be given their project guides back as well as their peer feedback. On the back there are questions where they can indicate what changes or improvements to their projects they intend to make on their apps based on the feedback.

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