Day 15 (WC)


GOAL: Students will be able to…

  1. Identify the different control structures we can use to modify the flow of control through a program
  2. Combine control structures to solve complicated problems
  3. Choose the proper control structure for a given problem


Control Structure A control structure lets us change the flow of the code.


  1. REVIEW:
    1. Do 1.12.2 While Loops in Karel Quiz
    2. What are the different ways we have been able to control Karel in the past week?
  2. What are the differences and similarities of the for, if, and while loops?
  3. Examine the Control Structures Flowchart:
  4. Watch 1.13.1 Control Structures Example video
  5. Walk through 1.13.3 Cleanup Karel by exploring what might happen if the last if statement is removed from the program.
  6. Work individually or in pairs to complete  1.13.4 Random Hurdles
  7. Be sure to use debugging strategies so that your code is reusable in all of Karel’s worlds.
  8. FYI: CodeHS Online Textbook–use this as a resource
  9. BEFORE YOU LEAVE, WRITE ABOUT THE FOLLOWING in the Word Online file named Web Apps & Coding for this class (you will write in this file daily):
    1. When would you use each of the different control structures?

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