Day 15 (WC)

  1. Complete the Team Work Form for you and for all of your teammates–this is anonymous–only Mrs. Weber will know what you put in this form
  2. Complete the Citizenship/Employability Form FOR YOU! Be honest in your self-evaluation!
  1. Get the Apps and Problem Solving – Peer Review, one copy to each pair of students
  2. STEP 8: Finalize App and Make Poster: You should incorporate the ideas of your peers in finalizing your app idea. You should then make a poster presenting your app following the guidance provided on the activity guide.
  3. STEP 9: Present Your App: Share your posters with the class. Follow the guidelines provided in Step 9 of the project guide to structure the presentations.
  4. At the end of presentation hand in the following:
    1. the completed project guides
    2. peer feedback forms
    3. posters from each group
  5. Reflect on the following question in your Word Online file for this class: What are you most proud of in your project?
  6. Go to Code Studio to complete your reflection on your attitudes toward computer science.


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