GOAL: Before you leave class today you and your partner will present your app poster to the class.

  1. Get the Apps and Problem Solving – Peer Review, one copy to each pair of students
  2. STEP 8: Finalize App and Make Poster: You should incorporate the ideas of your peers in finalizing your app idea. You should then make a poster presenting your app following the guidance provided on the activity guide.
  3. STEP 9: Present Your App: Share your posters with the class. Follow the guidelines provided in Step 9 of the project guide to structure the presentations.
  4. At the end of presentation hand in the following:
    1. the completed project guides
    2. peer feedback forms
    3. posters from each group
  5. Reflect on the following question in your Word Online file for this class: What are you most proud of in your project?



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