Day 2 (WC)

CSD Unit 1 – Problem Solving and Computing(’19-’20)

Problem Solving and Computing is a highly interactive and collaborative introduction to the field of computer science, as framed within the broader pursuit of solving problems. You’ll practice using a problem solving process to address a series of puzzles, challenges, and real world scenarios. Next, you’ll learn how computers input, output, store, and process information to help humans solve problems. The unit concludes with a project in which you design an application that helps solve a problem of your choosing.

GOAL: Before you leave class today you will join my class online and complete an introductory survey.

  1. Listen & watch this video on your Chromebook, but actually DO what I am doing in the video on the computer you are sitting at in my classroom: Watch AND DO this video on how to login to your existing Office 365 account.
    1. We will use Office 365 in this class instead of Google Drive.
    2. GET YOUR PASSWORD HANDOUT FROM YOUR TEACHER when you are prompted to enter your Office 365 password.
  2. Watch this: What is Stopping You?
    1. What are your goals for this school year? What is stopping you from achieving them? What can you do to eliminate the blockades?
    2. Create a new Word Online file and share it with me: by following the directions in this video.
  3. Please read the instructions on this form and fill it out as completely and honestly as you are able!!
  5. Join our class and sign in to
    1. Go to
    2. Type in the section code: TBWZLV
    3. Click on your first name
    4. Type in your secret words–get your login card from your teacher
    5. Select your age
    6. When you get to this screen, please stop:
  6. Watch this Introduction video clip created by Mrs. Weber to welcome you to her class. You will also learn about the expectations for your class.

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