Day 25 (WC)

GOAL: Today you will get acquainted with the Unity Editor. You will be introduced to importing assets, the viewer windows, and how to navigate within the Unity Editor.


  1. WATCH THIS BEGINNER’S ADVICE VIDEO. It offers 3 pieces of advice:
    1. Keep it simple: Set realistic goals for your first game.
    2. Play to your strengths: Let your game type reflect your talents and resources.
    3. Be persistent: Just seeing your project through will put you ahead of the pack.
  2. Complete the following tutorials, using the Unity Editor:
    1. READ: Learning the Interface Tutorial–
    2. WATCH THIS: Unity Interface
  3. Get into Unity on your computer
  4. Under Learn, click on & do 01. Play & Edit Mode, then do 02. Game Objects & Components
  5. In your Word Online file for this class, write about what you learned today.

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