Day 3 (WC)


GOAL: You will learn about Karel’s ‘World’ and the ways that Karel can interact with it.


Term Definition
lowerCamelCase lowerCamelCase is a naming convention where the first letter is lower case, and each subsequent start of a word is upper case.
World A “world” or “Karel World” is a grid that karel lives in.
Karel Karel is a dog who listens to your commands.
Command A command is an instruction you can give to Karel.


  1. REVIEW:
    1. Get the Karel Commands handout from your teacher and complete it–raise your hand when you are done
    2. Do this online quiz:  1.1.2 Quiz: Karel Commands
  2. Watch:  1.2.1 More Basic Karel
  3. Do:  1.2.3 Tennis Ball Square–experiment with it!
  4. Do:  1.2.4 Make a Tower–show me when you are done
  5. Do:  1.2.5 Pyramid of Karel–show me when you are done
  6. If time permits: discover what else Karel can do by checking out the Cheat Sheet.
  7. FYI: CodeHS Online Textbook–use this as a resource
  8. BEFORE YOU LEAVE, WRITE ABOUT THE FOLLOWING in the Word Online file named Web Apps & Coding for this class (you will write in this file daily):
    1. How can we make Karel turn right, even though Karel doesn’t know a turn right command?
    2. What is a street in Karel’s world?
    3. What is an avenue in Karel’s world?
    4. What are the directions Karel can face?

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