Day 32 (WC)




  1. WATCH THIS: The Game View
  2. WATCH THIS: The Project Window
  3. WATCH THIS: The Hierarchy Window

GOAL: Today you will get acquainted with the Unity Editor. You will be introduced to importing assets, the viewer windows, and how to navigate within the Unity Editor.

  1. Get into Unity:
    1. Type Unity in the lower left of your screen
    2. Click Unity
    3. Choose New Project
    4. Click Create New Project
  2. Editor Basics:
    1. Do the video–your screen will look slightly different–that is ok
    2. When saving–go to your ONEDRIVE–create a folder named UnityProjects and save the new file as TwitchProject in the UnityProjects folder
  3. In your Word Online file for this class, write about what you learned today.

GOAL: Create your Game Developers Journal & a Game Modification Task Sheet & Plan

  1. Open & read this: Game Developer’s Journal–You need to do this!!! Here is what you should do for your journal today:
    1. Enter at least 5 core game (i.e. product) ideas to be considered for your final Capstone Project. These do not need to be very detailed ideas, just a few sentences to capture the main game concept. Later, one of these ideas will be developed and delivered as your final Capstone Project submission.
  2. Download CandyCrush Saga onto any game play device. The game can be found at
  3. Play the game long enough to understand the directions and the overall objectives of the game.
  4. Produce a Game Modification Task Sheet document by identifying the following:
    1. What platform is used to play the game?
    2. What is the objective of the game?
    3. What three things do you like about the game?
    4. What three things do you not like about the game?
    5. List three reasons why you think this game is popular and successful.
  5. Based on your own observations, create a written plan for modifying the game. This document will  serve as your Game Modification Plan. Your plan should include the following:
    1. Re-write the main goal of the game.
    2. Describe how you would improve the game. Be as specific as possible!
    3. List three reasons why your ideas may not have been implemented by the original designers.
    4. List three reasons why you think players would like your changes.
    5. List three reasons why these changes would be difficult to implement.
    6. Here is how it will be scored

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