Day 33 (WC)

Unit 3–Intro to Programming

Chapter 1: Intro to Programming

Big Questions:

  • Why do we need algorithms?
  • How is designing an algorithm to solve a problem different from other kinds of problem solving?
  • How do you design a solution for a problem so that it is programmable?
  • What does it mean to be a “creative” programmer?
  • How do programmers collaborate?

Lesson 1: The Need for Programming Languages

Objectives: Students will be able to………

  • Assess the clarity of a set of instructions expressed in human language
  • Create a set of instructions in human language for building a simple LEGO block arrangement
  • Identify connections between the ability to program and the ability to solve problems
  • Describe the ambiguities inherent in human language and the ways programming languages seek to remove those ambiguities


  1. Go to
  2. Join my class:
  3. Watch this Ted Talk–You Should Learn to Code
  4. Get the Activity Guide–LEGO Instructions
  5. With 5-10 minutes remaing, respond to the following in your Word Online file for this class:
    1. Consider the algorithm you designed for today’s activity. Identify two instances where there may be multiple ways to interpret your instructions and suggest improvements that could be made to improve their clarity.
    2. Describe the features of a programming language that make it different from the language you are used to using in everyday life. Explain why a programming language must be created in this way.

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