Day 4 (WC)

Today Is Going to Be Great

Before you leave class today you will be able to:

  • Given a problem, identify individual actions that would fall within each step of the problem solving process
  • Identify useful strategies within each step of the problem solving process


  1. We use the term “problem” to refer to lots of different situations. I could say I have a problem for homework, a problem with my brother, and a problem with my car, and all three mean very different things. On a sheet of paper I want you to brainstorm as many different kinds of problems as you can and be ready to share with the class.
  2. Watch the video together
  3. Watch this video also about the first step:
  4. ACTIVITY: The Problem Solving Process
  5. With your group review all the work you did today looking at the problem solving process in a number of contexts and pick the two most important strategies for each step in the process. These should be strategies that you think can help in lots of different types of problems when you’re working on that step. These are supposed to be generally useful and not specific to a single type of problem. Write your groups best strategies on the poster papers in the classroom for each stage.
  6. In your Word Online file for this class, write about what you learned today and how you can use it in your future.

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