GOAL: Before you leave today you will know how to:

  1. Open a saved version of a project
  2. Add multiple objects to a scene
  3. Describe the difference between precise positioning and drag-and-drop (or imprecise) positioning drop (or imprecise) positioning
  4. Use a one-shot procedure to precisely position an object in a scene


  1. Read this:  
  2. TRY IT: 
    1. When you are done with #6–SHOW A NEIGHBOR–Make sure you both are correct–Help each other get it right. This is what it should look like:
      1. Finished White Rabbit Lesson 2
    2. You can use this file from lesson 1 if you didn’t finish it last class or if you may have not done it correctly: Finished White Rabbit Lesson 1
    3. Do the Optional Activities & SHOW YOUR NEIGHBOR when you are done with each one–Help each other get it right.
  3. Writing for today: What did you learn? How can this be useful? Who did you help? How did it go?

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