Lesson 14: Project – Final Personal Website

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Students have spent a lot of time throughout the unit working on their Personal Website. In the final couple of days students finalize their websites. They work with peers to get feedback, put the finishing touches on the websites, review the rubric and reflect on their process. To cap off the unit, they will share their projects and also a overview of the process they took to get to that final design.


Students will be able to:

  • Apply CSS styles across an entire website
  • Explain the design choices they made on their website to other people
  • Prioritize and implement incremental improvements

Day 1

Define: Rubric Review

  1. Over the course of the whole unit you have been developing a personal website. Over the next couple of classes you will be creating a final version of that project. As we prepare to showcase your work, we will use the problem solving process as our guide to ensure we have the best quality product possible.
  2. The first step of the problem solving process is to define the problem. To help define our problem we need to understand the expectations of the final product. The rubric for your Personal Website will help us. Let’s go over it before starting.
  3. Get a copy of he project guide. Review the rubric portion of the Project Guide and ask questions,

Plan: Finishing Personal Website

  1. Next you will begin the planning stage of the problem solving process. Keep in mind you have limited time to complete this project so you will need to prioritize the work you need to.
  2. You should use the project guide to plan out the work you will do to finish your Personal Website.

Try: Finalize Personal Website

  1. Now that you all have plans, it is time to begin implementing your plan. We will be doing a peer review as a class. You should work to make a polished product to share during the peer review.
  2. Log onto Code Studio and begin finalizing your website by working on Levels 1 & 2.
  3. Don’t forget to take a screenshot of your home page and save it somewhere on your computer so you can find it later (Need help with how to screenshot? Check out this¬†website¬†.)

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