GOAL: Before you leave today you will know how to:

  1. Compare and define an animation and a scenario
  2. Write a storyboard
  3. Flowchart a storyboard
  4. Describe inheritance and how traits are passed from superclasses to subclasses
  5. Describe when to implement procedural abstraction
  6. Demonstrate how to declare a procedure
  7. Identify and use procedural abstraction techniques to simplify animation development


  1. READ these slides for understanding and refer back to it when you are doing your assignment: Alice_Lesson-5_NEW
  2. DO: Lesson5_TryIt
    1. You can use this file if you didn’t finish the one from last class: Finished White Rabbit Lesson 4
    2. Show me when you are done with #7–Here is what it should look like: Finished White Rabbit Lesson 5
    3. Show me ALL 4 of the optional activities as you finish them.
  3. In the Google Doc for this class tell me what you learned today. 3-5 sentences.

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