Day 29 (CA)

GOAL: Before you leave class today you will have the opportunity to learn about the payroll register.

Chapter 7

    1. Log in to cengagenow
    2. Click Study Tools
    3. Click Adaptive Study Plans
    4. Next to Chapter 7 – Employee Earnings and Deductions click Resume Studying
    5. Under Objectives & Study Materials click 4.Complete a payroll register.
    6. Under Study Materials click eBook Р7.4: Payroll Register follow along while watching this video
    7. WATCH: Show Me How: Complete a payroll register.DO–SHOW ME AS YOU FINISH EACH ONE:
      1. PRACTICE
      2. PRACTICE
      3. PRACTICE
    8. OPEN THE CHAPTER 7 WORKING PAPERS SPREADSHEET. Do the following exercise on pages 310-311:
      1. Exercise 7-3–print it
      2. Exercise 7-4–print it
      3. Exercise 7-5–print it