Day 1 (E)

GOAL: By the end of class today you will know all about this course and the expectations for the course.


  1. Supplies for the class: EARBUDS!!! Everyday!! Get them out if you have them today. If you do not have them today, use your Chromebook or phone to watch and listen and do the videos for today.
  2. IF YOU GET TIME OUTSIDE OF CLASS: Watch this video about FBLA–please consider joining! Fill out the Sign Up Form and get $15 to Mrs. Weber and you’re in!!!
  3. LEAVE THIS LINK OPEN WHEN YOU ARE DONE!!!!! Answer these questions to determine what TYPE of learner you are You will be asked to tell me what kind of learner (auditory, visually, tactile–the questions you answer from the link will tell you in the end.)
  4. FILL OUT THIS FORM to let Mrs. Weber know a little bit about you.
  5. EXTRA CREDIT: Show your parents this lesson plan and have them visit this part of my website:
    1. Parent Info.
    2. Intro to Business Student Page of Fame–Everyone check this page out! It is a preview as to what YOU will do this semester in this class.
    3. Intro to Business (21st Century Business I)
    4. Ask them to fill out the form on the Parent Info. page or the Comments section at the bottom of the Intro to Business (21st Century Business I) page or the bottom of the home page of my website.
      1. Ask them to tell me what they expect you to learn in this class this quarter.
      2. Also, please have them offer any suggestions or ask any questions they may have!! THANKS!!!