Day 17 (E)


  1. Take this PRE-SURVEY. Record your answers on a piece of notebook paper and turn it in.
  2. PLUG IN YOUR EARBUDS & Go to JA TITAN and watch the little video
  3. In the upper right corner click HELP
  4. Today is a LEARNING about the game day. You need to READ and LEARN as much about this game as you can so you can be successful. Please read as much or ALL of the HELP sections. TAKE NOTES. YOU NEED TO TURN YOUR NOTES IN AT THE END OF THE PERIOD.
  5. Click the GLOSSARY TAB & READ IT–take notes
  6. Click the STRATEGY GUIDE TAB & READ IT–take notes
  7. Click on the QUICK START TAB & READ IT–take notes
    1. If time permits, on the JA TITAN  page click to play the FREE PUBLIC VERSION to get a taste for the game.