Day 2 (E)

The following received the most votes:

  1. Plan to run a business either on your own or with a partner. Use the entire semester to learn about business while writing a business plan to start the business.
  2. Use games to learn how to run a small business and a corporation.
  3. Have a community business leader come to our class on a weekly basis to help us learn how to write a business plan and offer a different perspective on business concepts.
  4. Make FBLA projects the focus of this class while learning about business concepts.
  5. Complete a Lead2Feed program where our class would pick a problem/concern in our community and work to help fix it while learning about leadership skills and business concepts.
  6. Watch AND DO this video on how to establish your Office 365 account.
    1. We will use Office 365 in this class instead of Google Drive.
    2. GET YOUR PASSWORD HANDOUT FROM YOUR TEACHER when you are prompted to enter your Office 365 password.
  7. Watch this: What is Stopping You?
    1. What are your goals for this school year? What is stopping you from achieving them? What can you do to eliminate the blockades?
    2. Create a new Word Online file and share it with me: by following the directions in this video.
  8. Watch this Introduction video clip created by Mrs. Weber to welcome you to her class. You will also learn about the expectations for your class.