Day 25 (E)

We will start this today, but you will be working on it again next class. Use the comments in LivePlan to help you. They offer advice to help you on each part. Be thorough. Remember your audience. Be detailed, but concise. I will be checking your work.

GOAL: Before you leave today you will have the opportunity to learn about the following areas of your business:

  • Problem & Solution
  • Target Market
  • Competition


  1. THANK YOU FOR LU–Send Mrs. Weber an email about you learned from her.
  2. Go to your LivePlan and login
  3. Click the PLAN tab
  4. Click VIEW & EDIT
  5. On the left, click on the 2nd OPPORTUNITY (the one above EXECUTION). Work on completing the following sections today:
    1. Problem & Solution
      1. Problem Worth Solving
      2. Our Solution
    2. Target Market
      1. Market Size & Segments
    3. Competition
      1. Current Alternatives
      2. Our Advantages
  6. Click SCHEDULE & make a schedule for getting your business plan completed. We still need to complete the following sections on the left of your screen:
    1. Execution
    2. Company
    3. Financial Plan
    4. Executive Summary
  7. Send me an email telling me how class went today.