OBJECTIVE:  To produce a marketing plan to be included in your business plan.

  1. Read pages  & do page 76-83–THE TEEN ENTREPRENEUR Section 5 Project 8WATCH THIS VIDEO AS YOUR READ
  2. Download the PROJECT 8 WORKSHEET open it in Word. Save it to your Business Plan folder. Complete it and use it to do your Project 8 Template next.
  3. Download the PROJECT 8 TEMPLATE open it in Word. Save it to your Business Plan folder. THIS IS THE PART YOU WILL INCLUDE IN YOUR FINAL BUSINESS PLAN.



Put all of the following into 1 file. You will need to copy & paste. These are all completed. You should have them saved in your folder for your business plan.

  1. Company Description–Project 2
  2. Description of Products & Services–Project 4
  3. Market Analysis–Project 5
  4. Marketing Plan–Project 8

Your’s will look like pages 4 to 8 in Shaun’s Plan (take note of the footer–you will do this too when following the directions below)

Here is how you will do it:

  1. Create a new document in Word
  2. Save the document as BUSINESS PLAN MIDTERM
  3. Insert the following footer: <Your Business Name>: Business Plan <page number>. Here is how you do it:
    1. Insert tab
    2. Page Number–Bottom–Right
    3. Double click on the  far left side of the footer and type <Your Business Name>: Business Plan 
    4. Close Header & Footer
  4. Copy & paste the text from the following files into the Business Plan Midterm document in the order below. Separate each section using a page breake (Insert tab–Break–Page Break)
    1. Company Description–Project2_Company_Description
    2. Description of Products & Services–Project4_Products_Services
    3. Market Analysis–Project 5–Project5_Market_Analysis
    4. Marketing Plan–Project 8–Project8_Marketing_Plan