Goal: Today you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in Photoshop Lesson 3 by manipulating your own photo and applying the following:

  1. Show me the Self Study when it is finished.
  2. Apply at least 3 skills you learned in lesson 3 to your own photo.
  3. Send the photo to me as an email attachment. In the email message tell me the 3 skills you used when creating your photo.


#1: Collages

#2: FBLA Graphic Design Event–2017 NLC Topic You have been hired as a graphic designer for a new Family Entertainment Center (FEC) opening in a city with a population of approximately 200,000. Provide a branding package for the owners that would include a name for the FEC, logo, theme, store front design, interior and exterior signage, and menu boards. GRADING RUBRIC

#3: FBLA Publication Design Event–2017 NLC Topic Create a publication portfolio promoting a new, member original TV series or movie. The portfolio should include a poster, character cutout design, ¼ page newspaper advertisement, and three additional promotional products. Everything should meet “G” rating requirements. GRADING RUBRIC

8/20/16—FBLA Competitive Event Topics Clarification: There appears to be some confusion about what “new, member” means in the 2017 NLC topics for Digital Video Production, Publication Design, and Social Media Campaign. A “member” original TV series or movie refers to something like Fuller House on Netflix or a movie that HBO produces and airs. Those networks are called member networks because you have to subscribe to them. “New” refers to the fact that it needs to be a new TV series or movie, where the FBLA students come up with the concept, title, logo, etc.