GOAL: When you leave class today you will:

  • Know the key roles of a company’s marketing department
  • Identify the differences among marketing, sales, and advertising
  • Recognize how marketing supports the efforts of sales and advertising
  • Understand the importance of customers and target audiences
  • Know the importance of simple and clear messaging and communication
  • Understand a “marketing mix” (four P’s of marketing)


  1. Go to: to log in
  2. Continue: Chapter 1: Introduction to Marketing today
    1. Section 3: Communication & Messaging
    2. Section 4: The 4 P’s of Marketing
    3. On the left side of your screen, click LEARNING ACTIVITIES, scroll down and read about the activities for SECTION 3: COMMUNICATION & MESSAGING & SECTION 4: THE 4 P’S OF MARKETING. Choose ONE of the 2 activities to work on with a partner or in a group of 3. This is your writing for today.