Graphic Design Automotive Ad

Coloring & Designing.
Your job is to personalize a picture of a car with your own colors, logos, and background. Your final product must be a well-developed, attractive advertisement complete with the car’s manufacturer logo and unique catchy slogan.
Find pictures of the car you want to make your advertisement for and save them in your Graphics folder. Paint them with any color and design your mind creates, and add logos to the car and/or background to incorporate your personalized style. BE CREATIVE! Take out the white background and place them in a setting of your choosing. Finally, add some text that conveys your unique slogan to finish off your advertisement.

Be sure to arrange your components in a way that utilizes the Elements and Principles of Design and accomplishes your intended purpose. Also, save your file often to avoid losing any of your work. As you may notice, I have provided a final example of what one advertisement may look like – but don’t try to copy it! Generate something that shows your skills in Photoshop, as well as your creativeness.

student example
 Keep going!