GOAL: Apply what you learned from the VW advertisement to an advertisement of your own.

  1. Finish the VW packet from last class. Get a hard copy from your teacher.
  2. Create an advertisement of your own utilizing the following:
    1. Name your layers
    2. Use the paint brush
    3. Use the eraser
    4. Save as a .PSD file
    5. Use a background photo in the advertisement file
    6. Use a logo in the advertisement file
    7. Use the magic wand
    8. Use the Layer Mask
    9. Use the transform box
    10. Resize proportionately
    11. Use text
    12. Add a layer style to the text
  3. Save as a JPG & send it to me as an email attachment. In the email message, write about how you utilized the above 12 items.