Day 19 (MM)


GOAL: Before you leave class today you will know how to usehe selection tools, refine your selections, transform selections, use the pen tool, and save selections.

Read and do pages 111-146

  1. Read and do pages 111 to 122 on your own–no video for this
  2. Page 112–VERY IMPORTANT!!
  3. Begin using the video on page 122. Making selections is the basis of everything in Photoshop!! Make sure you know how to use each selection tool!!
  4. Page 136–WATCH THIS FIRST
  5. Page 146–Show me the Self Study when it is finished.
  6. Page 146–Answer the questions on page 89 using good writing skills. Be thorough!! COVER UP THE ANSWERS AND THEN CHECK YOURSELF!!! You will be tested over this material later!!