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GOAL: Before you leave class today you will know how to select colors, use the brush tool, apply transparency, use blending modes, and retouch images.

Read and do pages 147-186

  1. Watch all the videos!!
  2. SHOW ME:
    1. Rock Star Girl
    2. Boy
    3. Old Picture
  3. Page 186–Show me the Self Study when it is finished.
  4. Page 186–Answer the questions on page 89 using good writing skills. Be thorough!! COVER UP THE ANSWERS AND THEN CHECK YOURSELF!!! You will be tested over this material later!!






5 X 8

Black & White

a & p enterprises


add address is 505 N. 2nd Street Bellevue, Iowa web address is APenterprisesIA.com  Include a coupon: We will take $1000.00 off of a Boat and Blind Combo package, and $500.00 off of a Boat Motor and Trailer package.


Black & White

Haxmeier KD Rentals

and Upper Kutz……1/3 of the page for each…..


Black & White

Banowetz Logo (1)

Bellevue & Dubuque
Then in the bullet points please drop out window treatments and add in  Stone
Also our store HRS have changed;
Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri. 9-5  Wed 9-7 & Sat. 9-1