GOAL: When you leave class today you will apply what you have learned in chapter 2.


  1. Go to: https://home.stukent.com/
  2. Finish Chapter 2 today
    1. Key Terms
    2. Chapter 2 Quiz


Project 1: Craft the Perfect Blog Post–In this chapter, you were introduced to “epic content creation.” You may have been shocked when you learned that there are billions of pieces of content shared each day just on Facebook. A successful social media marketer needs to understand how epic pieces of content are created. In this project, you will focus on written content in the form of a blog post and learn about the elements that make up the perfect blog post.

  1. Pick a partner
  2. Read these two blog posts:
    1. Hubspot’s post on crafting the perfect blog post
    2. DigitalMarketer’s massive list of blog post ideas
  3. After reading the two blog posts above, you will need to create a 1,000-word piece of content for a selected a company using your Word Online file for this class. You can choose a local business or you can pick any company you love or you can do it for Bellevue FBLA or you can do it for Bellevue High School, or whatever!! This 1,000-word piece of content should contain the following elements:
    1. A blog post title
    2. An introduction
    3. The body (the meat of the post)
    4. Include forms of multimedia (images, videos, etc.)
    5. A conclusion
    6. A call to action (CTA)
  4. Create a free Grammarly account to help clean up the grammar/punctuation/spelling, etc. of this blog post. If you are going to deliver these projects to a local company, this would be a must, or you’d need to have someone else do a quick grammar edit.
  5. Notice that there are elements discussed in the Hubspot article that won’t be required for the content that you will create. No biggie.
  6. Grading:
    1. Write at least 1,000 words
    2. Include all of the elements above in #4.
    3. Include the elements in the article for quality of content

Project 2: Learn Social Media From The Pros–Social media has made it easier than ever to consume information and learn directly from industry experts. In this project, you will learn best practices for learning social media from the experts! You will use Twitter for this project by adding social media experts and influencers to your list. This will make it easy for you to keep track of the Tweets that come from these industry experts. This project will require you to give weekly reports for the rest of the semester.

  1. Get into groups of two or three. At least one of person in the group must have a Twitter account in order to complete this project. If none do, a free account will need to be created.
  2. You need to have an understanding of “Twitter Lists.” Read: Twitter’s article on how to use Twitter lists.
  3. For this project, you need to follow social media marketing experts and add at least 30 experts to a Twitter list. Here is how you can find some:
    1. Perform a Google search for “top social media marketing conferences” and follow the speakers who speak at those conferences. Notice that not all articles will point directly to a person’s Twitter account, but you should be able to Google [expert name + Twitter] and find his or her Twitter account.
    2. Perform a Google search for “top social media marketers on Twitter”
    3. If you are having a hard time finding 30 to follow, you can use these to help you:
      1. https://www.postplanner.com/best-people-to-follow-on-twitter-for-social-media-geeks/
      2. https://www.inc.com/larry-kim/21-social-media-marketing-experts-to-follow-on-twitter.html
      3. http://www.convinceandconvert.com/social-media-tools/88-marketers-you-should-follow-on-twitter/
  4. Now that you have your Twitter list full of experts you are ready to consume and learn. Each week you will need to turn in an “Industry Report.” This is a short write-up report from one of the many articles you came across within you Twitter list using your Word Online file for this class. This report should include these elements:
    1. Name of the article
    2. Article website address (URL)
    3. A brief summary of the article
    4. A suggested plan of action if you were working as social media marketers right now: What would you recommend your company or client do based on the reading of this article?
  5. Grading: You will be graded on quality of the written report.

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