Day 27 (MM)



Goal: Today you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in Photoshop Lesson 5 by manipulating your own photo and applying the following:

  1. Show me the Self Study when it is finished.
  2. Apply at least 3 skills you learned in lesson 5 to your own photo. Or you can use these¬†files to put Coach Poge & Coach Anderson’s face on the old football picture for fun ūüôā :¬†old football photo¬†00-01 1200 res
  3. Send the photo to me as an email attachment. In the email message tell me the 3 skills you used when creating your photo. Also, send me your original photo and your Photoshopped photo.



GOAL: Before you leave class today you will know how to choose your color settings, use the histogram panel, discover how to use a neutral, use curves, understand unsharp mask, and use camera raw.

Read and do pages 187-218

  1. Watch all the videos!!
  2. Show me:
    1. The Boy
    2. The Girl
  3. Page 219–Show me the Self Study when it is finished.
  4. Page 220–Answer the questions on page 89¬†using good writing skills. Be thorough!! COVER UP THE ANSWERS AND THEN CHECK YOURSELF!!! You will be tested over this material later!!

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