GOAL: Before you leave class today you will register for Mrs. Weber’s Multimedia Marketing class in Stukent to begin the Social Media Marketing unit.


  1. Go here to sign up for the course: https://home.stukent.com/join/499-8F7
  2. Watch this overview video. DO NOT feel overwhelmed!! You do not need to remember all of this today!! PLEASE bookmark the video’s webpage!! You will want to refer to it in the future for help:¬†https://stukent.wistia.com/medias/dbktin4j08
  3. Click INSTRUCTIONS–read them
  4. Click SCENARIO & read ALL of the following–you might want to take notes:
    3. MARKET–be sure to click each person & read about them. Which type of people have you largest market share?
    4. ANALYTICS–click on IMPRESSIONS, REACTIONS AND COMMENTS, CLICKS, SHARES, PAGE LIKES, CONVERSION, REVENUE for FACEBOOK, then click the down arrow beside FACEBOOK and look at all the categories for each type of social media.
      1. Which type of social media is currently bringing in the most revenue?
      2. Which type of social media has the most likes? What the demographics?
    5. BUDGET–What is your weekly budget? How much of it should you spend?
    6. GOALS–How do they suggest you spend your budget? How much do you need to increase sales?
  5. Click CONTINUE
  6. Read the WEEKLY MEMOS & click SOCIAL MEDIA METRICS and read all of it–What are the differences between AWARENESS, ENGAGEMENT, and SALES?
  7. From the MENU click POSTS and then click INSTRUCTIONS and read about CONTENT PLANNING:
    1. What are the two most popular tools to assist social media marketing managers?
    2. How many posts should you generate per week on each platform?
  8. Click POSTS again & then under WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SHARE? click INSTRUCTIONS & read the article on CHANNEL SEGMENTS. Study the demographics for each of the following
    1. Instagram Demographics
    2. Facebook Demographics
    3. Twitter Demographics
    4. YouTube Demographics
    5. Pinterest Demographics
    6. Linkedin Demographics
    7. Snapchat Demographics

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