Day 51 (MM)


  1. WHAT MOST SCHOOLS DON”T TEACH–Watch this video clip–We do this at Bellevue High School!! Multimedia Marketing & Intro to Web Design
  2. REGISTRATION: Please consider taking the following classes next year:
    1. Introduction to Web Design–This is college credit. Learn how to create websites for area businesses or for yourself. Learn about graphic design.
    2. Business Computer Applications I & II–College credit.
    3. 21st Century Business I–Entrepreneurship–Learn how to start your own business.
    4. 21st Century Business II–Personal Finance–Learn about financial skills you will need for the rest of your life.

RETRO DAY: Below is a message I received from one of the BHS volleyball coaches. Your job for today is to create the poster she is requesting. Please send the file to me as a jpeg.

The vb team has a team manta of True Mental Toughness and we have it posted on the locker room bulletin board. Anyway, I’d like to down size that into a poster. I thought I heard that you have the ability to print poster size projects… I’m wondering if you’d have a student that would maybe take the sayings and design a poster that I can hang on the bulletin board instead… Let me know if you think you’d have someone interested. No big deal if this is too much to ask. Feel free to say no. Thanks! ~Tracey

Comet True Mental Toughness
Treat others very, very well.
Have a great attitude.
Be grateful regardless of your circumstances.
Always give your very, very best.