First Class Project -Sandwich
Working with layers, masks and cropping in PhotoShop.

The objective of this project is to obtain a better understanding of Photoshop Layers by creating the layers of a sandwich on a plate. Utilizing layers effectively is a key skill to have in order to create efficient and fully editable graphics. If layers are not used effectively, it can be detrimental to the success of your project.

You have been hired to create a graphic design for Tom’s Diner.  The owner wants a BLT sandwich with sides as a graphic for the diner.  He has supplied you with an image of a plate from the diner, as well as images of the ingredients for the sandwich.  You are to follow the directions given by the project manager to complete the project for the target audience. There is also a PDF tutorial to help you complete this project. However, since this is the first project we will be completing in Photoshop, we will walk through this procedure together as a class.


On Your Own Add: put a pickle slice or two on sandwich, cheese also, then put mustard & mayonnaise on sandwich using pencil tool with effects, then a pickle spear on plate,  then chips or fries.