IMPORTANT: At the end of every class, please email me describing how far you got today and what you learned. This will be graded.

GOAL: By the end of class today you will know all about this course and the expectations for the course.

  1. EXTRA CREDIT: Show your parents this lesson plan and have them visit this part of my website: Parent Info.Resources & Personal Finance. Ask them to fill out the form on the Parent Info. page OR comment at the bottom of the Personal Finance page. Ask them to tell me what they expect you to learn in this class this quarter.
  2. Log in to the Google Drive on your machine. Do this video.
  3. Join our Edmodo class: gab33c
  5. Get into the Virtual Business Personal Finance game on your desktop–the Yellow button with the Red dollar sign
  6. Click on LESSONS & Open the Lesson 1-Time Management & Health handout
    1. Read it and follow the instructions
    2. Answer the questions in a Google Doc shared with me as you go (or you can print it and write the answers on the printout)

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