GOAL: Today you will focus on picking your 401(k).


  1. Read the OVERVIEW very carefully!
  2. Under STUDENT HOME click HOW TO PLAY–this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT with money to be won!!
  3. On the HOW TO PLAY page click QUICK TIPS–this could be very useful–I would SAVE it to my Google Drive if I was you!!!
  4. On the HOW TO PLAY page click RULES OF THE ROAD–read ALL of it!!\
  5. Click on VENDOR SELECTION in the STUDENT HOME menu
  6. Focus on deciding your 401(k) plan. There is language that is confusing in the directions. Go to the KNOWLEDGE BASE page listed under the STUDENT HOME menu
  7. Scroll down to the 401(K) section and click 401(K)
  8. Scroll down and find Can you provide further clarification on the 401(k) plans that are offered?–Read it–DID IT HELP????!!!! Now decide which 401(k) plan you would use. I would wait and pick this one last because I want to save as much as I can in my 401(K), but I still want to be able to pay my bills and have some spending money. On the JOB tab choose the 401(K) plan you may want and choose a percentage. Now, scroll down and look at your NET PAY for that percentage and plan. Can you pay your bills and have some spending money?  FYI: That is your NET PAY for TWO WEEKS. You will get TWO paychecks per month.
  9. NOW: Pick your other plans and figure out how much you will need to spend for all your other bills PER MONTH. Then you can decide how much to put away (which plan to pick) for the 401(K).

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