Day 3 (PF)


  1. Download this job application form & fill it out by following the instructions in this VIDEO.
    1. POSITION: you make one up, but have it be a realistic one that you could be applying for right now as a high school student working part time.
    2. EDUCATION: only include Bellevue High School and only fill out the first 3 columns since you haven’t graduated yet.
    3. REFERENCES: try to include 3 adults who are NOT related to you. Good references are teachers, coaches, youth group leaders, pastors, past employers and/or managers or supervisors. If you were using me or any other teacher/coach at BHS you can use this information along with their name: Tracy Weber, Teacher, Bellevue High School, 563-872-4001.
    4. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: try to complete as much of it as you can. If you babysit, be sure to include every family as a separate employer, so if you babysat for 5 different families you can fill in all 5 with as much information as you can. I use to find addresses and phones.
    5. Print it, 2-sided, print your name, date, and sign it using blue or black ink then hand it in.

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