1. Login daily
  2. Pay bills on-time
  3. Adjust 401(k) contribution % and bank account type, as needed
  4. Read simulation communications via email, Dashboard Alert, and push notifications
  5. Maintain their CFS reconciled
  6. Take quizzes and surveys
  7. Review pay stubs and W-2
  8. Use the Student Quick Tips to help navigate the simulation and perform common tasks
  9. Use the Knowledge Base to answer questions about the game, scoring, website navigation, etc.


IMPORTANT: At the end of every class, please email me describing how far you got today and what you learned. This will be graded periodically. Use 3-5 sentences.

GOAL: At the completion of this module you will be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the different types of banking institutions?
  2. How is a checking account different than a savings account?
  3. How can you monitor your checking account and what are the risks of spending more money than you have?


  1. Examine the different types of financial institutions
  2. Understand the characteristics of different bank types (retail vs. online vs. credit union)
  3. Introduce the structure & function of the Federal Reserve
  4. Understand some basic terms/features of accounts (liquidity, FDIC-insured, minimum balance)
  5. Know the different types of accounts (checking, MMA, savings, CD)
  6. Compare account types based on liquidity, minimum required balance, & interest rate
  7. Identify common account fees & how they can occur
  8. Know the parts/function of the chec
  9. Understand how to monitor/balance your account


  1. Log in to Everfi
  2. Finish¬†Module 2–TAKE NOTES IN THE PROGRAM!!!
  3. At the completion of Module 2, do the following in the PERSONAL FINANCE Google Doc shared with me:
    1. Type today’s date.
    2. What might YOU look for in opening an account?
    3. What is most important to you?
    4. What should you know about a bank before opening an account?
    5. From the banks you listed, pick 2 and complete the BANK SURVEY QUESTIONS handout–get it from your teacher……….in addition to the questions on the handout, ask TWO MORE that are important to you!!! (FYI: This is not merely an assignment but an exercise in informed consumerism……Any individual choice you make should be based on knowledge of the bank and your own needs. If a bank representative treated you poorly or blew you off that is a legitimate reason for not choosing that bank. Know that by gaining this knowledge you are becoming an empowered consumer.)
  4. Part of your post test: Address the following in the PERSONAL FINANCE Google Doc using TWO well written paragraphs:
    1. The purpose of banks
    2. The TWO most popular types of banks
    3. Which type of bank account best serves your needs and why?
    4. Something you learned about banking that you feel will be useful to you in the future.

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