Day 42 (PF)


  1. Login daily
  2. Pay bills on-time
  3. Adjust 401(k) contribution % and bank account type, as needed
  4. Read simulation communications via email, Dashboard Alert, and push notifications
  5. Maintain their CFS reconciled
  6. Take quizzes and surveys
  7. Review pay stubs and W-2
  8. Use the Student Quick Tips to help navigate the simulation and perform common tasks
  9. Use the Knowledge Base to answer questions about the game, scoring, website navigation, etc.

GOAL: Before you leave today you will learn about Buying a Car.

  1. Get into the Virtual Business Personal Finance game on your desktop
  2. Click on LESSONS & Open the Lesson 5 Buying a Car handout
    1. PART A:
      1. #1–MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS!!!
      2. #2-3–Read and do
      3. Answer questions 1 2 in a Google Doc shared with me.
      4. #4-6–Read and do the math
      5. Answer questions 3 & 4 in the same Google Doc shared with me–HELP EACH OTHER!!!! ASK FOR HELP!! USE YOUR PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS!!
      6. #5-6–Read and do it–this is the MONTHLY Loan Payment vs. MONTHLY Lease Cost
      7. Answer question 5 in the same Google Doc shared with me.
    2. PART B:
      1. Answer questions 6-10 in the same shared Google Doc.

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