Day 42 (PF)

GOAL: Before you leave today you will learn about Buying a Car.

  1. Get into the Virtual Business Personal Finance game on your desktop
  2. Click on LESSONS & Open the Lesson 5 Buying a Car handout
    1. PART A:
      1. #1–MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS!!!
      2. #2-3–Read and do
      3. Answer questions 1 2 in a Google Doc shared with me.
      4. #4-6–Read and do the math
      5. Answer questions 3 & 4 in the same Google Doc shared with me–HELP EACH OTHER!!!! ASK FOR HELP!! USE YOUR PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS!!
      6. #5-6–Read and do it–this is the MONTHLY Loan Payment vs. MONTHLY Lease Cost
      7. Answer question 5 in the same Google Doc shared with me.
    2. PART B:
      1. Answer questions 6-10 in the same shared Google Doc.

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